Paraspinous Cervical Block for Headache


Previously we have discussed the use of propofol for migraine headache (part 1, part 2).  In this post, we’ll look at another headache treatment that can be added to your armamentarium, the paraspinous cervical block. There are many standard cocktails for headache management in the ED, but unfortunately, many of these require an IV, fluids, […]

SOCMOB How To: Make an atomizer device

It’s time for another video.  Today I’ll be showing you how to MacGyver your own atomizer for intranasal and orotracheal drug administration.  Shout outs to fellow USask FOAMite Dr. Nadim Lalani (@ERMentor) and Dr. Whit Fisher for the idea behind this one.  Today’s video is a modification of the design outlined by Whit Fisher here.   […]

SOCMOB How to: Make your own Cricothyrotomy Trainer

Who has done a cricothyrotomy? Who thinks they would be comfortable doing a cric if asked?  Without having a code brown first? Though I have done a few tracheostomies (only three on live people), I’ve never done a cric on anyone.  Furthermore, when it’s time to cric, we need to be ready.  Unfortunately, we can’t […]