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SOCMOB How To: Jet Insufflation and Bougie Assisted Cric

Hi all,

A few months back we looked at how to make your own cricothyrotomy trainer.  Easy and inexpensive, you can find the video here.

Today I’m adding two more procedure videos which demonstrate a simple jet insufflation setup, as well as the bougie-assisted cricothyrotomy.  Shout out to Darren Braude of EM:RAP and many other podcasts who this idea came from originally. You can find his paper here.

Combining these videos with the aforementioned cric trainer is useful for training large groups of medical students, paramedics and residents.  If you want to see other procedure videos, check out my videos page.  There are also loads of procedure videos over at

First is the Macgyver’d jet insufflation setup, which requires only a BVM, 3 cc syringe, large bore (eg. short 14 gauge) iv cannula and 7.0 ETT adapter.  I think this technique would be feasible for a pediatric patient only, as there is quite a bit of airway resistance.  In an adult patient, I’m not sure that you could adequately oxygenate the patient doing this.


Here is the bougie assisted cric video.  Much simpler than a cric tray, all you require is a scalpel, bougie and 6.0 ETT.


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Happy cric-ing!

Chris Bond




  1. Nice post. Here’s another trick out of Anesthesia and Analgesia for jet insufflation on the fly:


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