Standing on the corner, minding my own business in the ER

Pathologists? Who knew?

Hey all,

Pathologists?  Who knew?

If you haven’t seen the Macklemore Thrift Shop video, you should probably watch it first to get the awesomeness of this parody video.

YouTube link if not working above

P.S. Getting ready to ramp up the post volume as I am getting settled in my new place now.





  1. Unexpected, but welcomed.

    I guess they’ve got more time on their hands than we credit them for. Kudos for getting in some FOAMed pearls during the rap.

    F***ing awesome. Indeed, who knew?

  2. Thanks Tim,

    Yeah, we all know ER docs are outgoing, but path… Newfound respect!

    Lots of new ideas to post about now that I’m out practicing solo, eg. gave propofol for a migraine the first time last week. Will discuss soon.


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