Novel Management of PEA Arrest (Calgary EM Journal Club)


ACLS management of PEA arrest is traditionally done using CPR, epinephrine and running through the H’s and T’s. Unfortunately, the H’s and T’s can be difficult to recall in a stressful situation, and furthermore, they do not approach cardiac arrest in a physiologic manner. We recently reviewed the following paper that uses a novel approach to […]

Empiric antibiotics after cardiac arrest?

The July 2014 EM:RAP Paper Chase reviewed a paper claiming 38% of OHCA (Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest) patients are bacteremic, and thus we should routinely give antibiotics to post-arrest patients. We reviewed this paper at the Calgary Journal Club recently and unfortunately, the authors conclusions are more leap of faith than anything else. This single […]

Pericarditis and Myocarditis (Calgary EM Journal Club)


The December journal club reviewed two papers, first up was Imazio’s paper investigating the benefits of treating pericarditis with colchicine.  You should definitely know this paper and be implementing it into practice. This is a must read. The second paper was a retrospective review looking at the presenting symptoms and labwork abnormalities in pediatric myocarditis. […]